Top Ten Nintendo Games of All Time

Donkey Kong (1981) was developed by Nintendo Corporation. Donkey Kong is one of Nintendo’s greatest masterpieces that inspired many games to come. In this game you were originally called, “Jump Man.” Jump Man must try to save his girlfriend from the horrible beast that is Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong throws large barrels at you. Avoid the barrels by jumping over them, and watch out for the living fireballs that come out of the oil barrel. The game consists of three levels. This game features interesting sound effects, and bizarre bouncing trampolines. This game started the entire Mario Bro’s series.
Donkey Kong Jr. (1982) was developed by Nintendo Corporation. Donkey Kong Jr. is the sequel to Donkey Kong. In this game you play the son of Donkey Kong. The mission is to free your father -Donkey Kong- from the evil clutches of “Jump Man.” Climb up vines, while metallic crunching creatures try to chop you to pieces. You eat delicious tropical fruits for points. This game features much brighter colors then the original. In each game you search for the key to open your father’s cage.

Burgertime (1982) was developed by Data East USA. In this game you’re a chef battling hot dogs, eggs, and cucumbers while trying to prepare your recipes. You will make hamburgers or cheese sandwiches. This is a very challenging strategy game. This game is sure to make you hungry; it is extremely funny and entertaining. This is certifiable culinary classic.

Elevator Action (1983) was developed by Taito Corporation. In this game you are a spy securing secured documents. Watch out for men in black as they try to prevent you from getting away with the secret files. Shoot the lights for a change of scenery; crush bad guys in the elevators and get the secret files from the red door. You go down thirty floors searching for the top secret files. The buildings change colors as you progress. Elevator Action is a super arcade classic from the 80’s.

Spy Hunter (1983) was developed by Bally and Midway. In this game you are a spy avoiding limousines with guns, crazy cars with hooks, armored plated cars, and helicopters dropping bombs from the air. Your car can be equipped with oil slicks, smokescreens, and missiles after being upgraded via a truck. Stay alive through a continuous scrolling road, don’t crash into cars or get pushed off the road by the many enemies trying to stop you from completing your mission. This is an arcade classic, you are guaranteed hours of fun, but limited lives.

Paperboy (1984) was developed by Tengen. Deliver the paper to your costumers’ houses only. Only the white houses take a newspaper delivery. You must avoid skateboarders, break-dancers, old ladies with rolling pins, rolling tires, cars, kids, dogs, lawnmowers, tornadoes, speeders, and even the grim reaper, himself. This is a hilarious game. Throw the paper at the door step or the mailbox for extra points. Be careful not to break windows.

Dragon Warrior (1986) was developed by Enix, now Square Enix. This game is known in Japan as, Dragon Quest. This game features a beautiful Baroque style of music, which is somewhat similar to Bach. In this role playing game (RPG) you are a knight on a mission. It features the evolution of your character from a simple warrior to a majestic, “Dragon Warrior.” In this game you battle legions of colorful and humorous cartoon style monsters. Dragon Warrior is a one of kind game that has evolved into a major gaming series today.

Final Fantasy (1987) was developed by Square Enix. This is a role playing game. It features some of the most beautiful music of any game during that era. This is a complex game with character development, and advanced story lines. This game is a science-fiction, fantasy genre. This game features whimsical monsters, characters, and fascinating story plots. You use many interesting weapons and magic. This game has also evolved into a mega superstar game series. The music of this game is played by classical orchestras in Japan. Nobuo Uematsu is the composer of Final Fantasy’s spectacular music.

Rad Racer (1987) was developed by Square. This is a super fun racing game. This game is otherwise known in Japan as, Highway Star. The game features realistic roads with awesome backgrounds. You can choose from two different cars Ferrari 328 or an F1 racing machine. No real difference in cars but the aesthetic appearance. Challenging and fun at the same time. Choose through three different radio stations for game music.

Super Mario 3 (1988) was developed by Nintendo Corporation. This was the third and final sequel to Super Mario Brothers for the Nintendo Entertainment System. This is truly one of the best versions of the Super Mario Brothers series. This game is colorful, fun, humorous, and entertaining. It was the most musical version of all three. It features a raccoon suit, fireman suit, hammer brother suit, frog suit, and bear suit that turns into stone. Strategy wise this game is all about the sliding, flying, running, and jumping.


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