Is Motorolla’s Cliq XT Smartphone the Best Choice for You?

The Cliq XT is one of the latest smartphone offerings from Motorolla and offers a range of features making it definitely worth considering for anyone who’s shopping around for a new phone. The XT represents significant changes from Motorolla’s popular original Cliq model, and continues the trend of most phones towards a slow but steady removal of the more obvious physical input buttons into the display of the phone itself, meaning that there is no separate keyboard, and like other smartphones, the interface is touchscreen-based.
Touchscreen-based Input:
The XT abandons the sliding interface of the original Cliq in favor of full touchscreen-only input functions making this the first Cliq to be more in line with most other touchscreen smartphone offerings available these days. Directional pad functions are fully integrated into a touchpad which many people may find a a bit more intuitive.

Since input is now almost entirely carried out through the display, the 3.1 inch touchscreen is large enough to reasonably accommodate any size fingers and thumbs that might be furiously typing out text messages on the display-based keyboard. The screen and the touchpad make the phone fairly large but roughly similar if not smaller than other smartphones. Some, however, may lament the fact that the Cliq XT’s display is in fact slightly smaller than two of its biggest competitors in the market, the iPhone and Droid. There seems to be plenty of room on this standard size tablet-style phone, so one wonders why the display doesn’t use more space.

Inputs, connections, and camera:
Oddly-placed connection ports and inputs can make an otherwise decent phone feel awkward or clumsy, so most people should breath a sigh of relief regarding the Cliq XT since the input and connection ports are all intuitively placed. With the microUSB port towards the bottom of the phone and the headphone jack right at the top, connections are convenient and should pose no problems. Unfortunately, the microSD card interface seems to be locked away on the rear of the card behind the battery cover, which can be a little difficult to pry open. The 5.1 megapixel camera is located on the rear of the phone towards the top and feels like it’s where it should be. Image quality is in line with other similar phones.

The XT is another phone that relies on the ever more popular Android OS and contains the same Android-style interface that people who are familiar with the software will recognize. A few new features are a slightly altered music player with a new interface that’s integrated to online content, and a keyboard feature called Swype which allows you to type out words by dragging your finger along the letters you want to form words.

The Cliq XT is an excellent alternative to some of the more highly priced smartphones available. At around $130 along with a two-year contract, the phone is reasonably affordable for anyone who is the market to replace an existing cellphone with something a little fancier without breaking their budget.