How to get more diamonds in the game Hay Day

It is a very popular game which is played on the mobile tablet. This is a very addictive game which needs your patience and strategies. It may seem very simple like you will have to do farming and harvesting and selling the goods, but with every up gradation you will be early Sing new buildings. It will require more coins and diamonds and time for the up gradation buildings are very important where each building will have specific goods. The only way to survive in this game is 2 by selling maximum goods at maximum cost so to make this entire procedure right symbol for the beginners some tips will help you.

As we all know, diamond is a very important currency. In this game, when coins are compared to diamond they look faded. The value of the diamond is more, and for that, you will have to buy some diamonds from the in-app purchase and some by using simple tricks.

How to get some more diamonds

After every leveling up you will be credited with a minimum of 2 diamonds.

For getting an extra diamond, you can follow this game on the social networking sites like Facebook. It will help you to get the Diamond easily by entering into the contest which the game will promote on their page.

So when you are linking your hay day account with the Facebook, you will be benefited with another whopping five diamond which is quite great.

After the completion of every achievement, you will get more and more diamonds, and this will depend on your progress level.

In the game, you will get to see some mystery boxes, and by opening them, you will get diamonds. So always try to keep yourself attentive.

If you get any movie ticket, then you can also make some extra money in this game. Here you will have to sell at least a trailer for 30 seconds for any other App for getting some free diamonds.

Most importantly when you reach the level 24, you will be getting a huge number of Diamonds only by mining. So at first, you will have to concentrate on getting this far in this game.

These are some easiest way to getting free diamonds without spending some extra cash. There are some easy Hay Day tips & tricks which you can try for getting free diamonds but make sure to verify it properly and do not provide any personal details.