Clash of Clans in a Nutshell

Clash of clans is MMORPG game massive multiplayer online role playing game. It is played in real time. No matter you are online or offline this game runs continuously i.e. 24 hrs.  This implies that you can be robbed and can gain progress in the game even if you are not active. This game can be played with iPhone or android. You will not be charged anything for playing the game. You can opt for clash of clans hack if you want to get instant success.

Tips to play this game with greater efficiency

  1. Utilizing gems

Your main aim of this game should be collect more and more gems. Initially, you will be provided with some gems. Using these gems you have to collect more gems. Gems are an essential part of this game. With the help of gems, you can win battles, speed up your progress, can easily build buildings and could purchase extra builders. You should have sufficient quantity of gems.

You can build a maximum of 5 building in this game. The first building is absolutely free of cost. The price of the building increases subsequently and can reach up to 2000 gems. It is very typical and time-consuming to accumulate this huge quantity of gems but it is the only place in which you have to spend your gems. The building will help you to level up.

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  1. Making buildings

The biggest challenge for the player is to make buildings.  This game is not meant to play harshly. It is recommended to play it slowly. You can’t win this game in a short period of time. If you continuously upgrade yourself in a short period of time, you will mess up all the things. You may also be robbed if you didn’t upgrade properly. Keep in mind to max out everything if you are planning to upgrade your town hall. For optimum performance you can split your build according to plans given below:-

  • 2x builders to build defensive buildings
  • 1x builders for resources, army troops, and maintenance of property

You must own at least 3 builders so that you can use 1x builder to constantly clean the property and to update the walls. The most precious and time-consuming component of the clash of clans is the wall. It is crucial to spend some resources on the wall otherwise you will be easily defeated by your enemies.

  1. Battles of clash of clans

If you are a newbie, joining a clan is preferable over making your personal clan.  Prior to becoming a part of a clan, it is a wise step to check the level of everybody’s town hall. Make a visit to the members of the village to figure out the level of their town hall. You will get a brief idea about the mindset of the players. You should also check the donation amount of the players. There must be a donation of 100+ troops from each group. Hence the clan you join must be active in donations.

  1. Ways to win prizes in the game

Prizes or trophies can also be considered as a score that can be used to increase the level of players. You can also do robbery .if you are a furious player and you have good armies then you may face good players to loot the food. But if you try to participate in battle then these players could put you at different stages. Lowering your number of trophy is generally recommendable. The reason behind this is at higher lever you can be easily destroyed by the larger players. To find better players you could raise your level but this will take your considerable time.

  1. Structure of your base

The layout of your base can change your gaming experience entirely. Under this, you have to consider two things i.e. base type and base level. Clan war, defence, and farming are the most useful base type. While doing farming, there is no need to concern about trophies. You just have to collect resources from other players and enjoy the game. Other easier way to collect resources is to search for clash of clans hack.

  1. Tips to form army

Forming an army is a really a typical task. There are infinite numbers of alternatives available to form the army. You should constantly upgrade your army and weapons.

Hope that these beginner tips will be beneficial for you. You can easily get cheats and hacks of this game.